Commercial Leases – General

What should an Irish landlord and tenant agree on for a commercial lease?


Landlords and tenants should agree on these terms when negotiating a commercial lease:

  1. Rent: How much and when the tenant will pay the landlord.
  2. Lease term: Duration.
  3. Lease renewal terms, if any.
  4. Security deposit: The tenant’s deposit and the landlord’s return terms.
  5. Maintenance and repairs: Landlord and tenant duties.
  6. Insurance: Who will obtain and maintain property insurance.
  7. Property use: The tenant’s allowed uses.
  8. Property alterations and improvements: The tenant’s rights.
  9. Termination and eviction: Terms for lease termination and eviction in case of default.
  10. Compliance with laws and regulations: Landlord and tenant responsibilities.
  11. Common areas: Landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities for using and maintaining elevators, stairwells, and parking areas.
  12. Subleasing: The tenant’s subleasing rights.
  13. Utilities: Tenant responsibility for electricity, gas, and water.
  14. Property taxes: Landlord and tenant responsibilities.
  15. Indemnification and liability: The landlord and tenant’s liability for property damage and injuries.
  16. Assignment and subletting: The landlord’s right to approve or disapprove the tenant’s assignment or subletting of the lease.
  17. Alterations and additions: The tenant’s right to make property changes and the landlord’s right to approve or disapprove.
  18. Building alterations: The landlord’s rights and the tenant’s right to approve or disapprove.
  19. Quiet enjoyment: The tenant’s right to peaceful use of the property without landlord or tenant interference.

Your solicitor should review these terms because they can vary depending on the lease.

At Blake & Kenny LLP, we understand that leasing a commercial property may seem simple, but it’s important that landlords and tenants don’t agree to terms that may burden them. That’s why we’re here to help you understand your lease and every step.

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